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Сильнейший в истории ученик Кэнъити / History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (50 из 50 серий ) (2007) DVDrip Онлай

Episode 1: The place where the heroes gather

Episode 2: The First Step! The Start of the Battle

Episode 3: Strength and Courage! For Protecting Justice

Episode 4: Fighting Hell! To Fight Or Not To Fight

Episode 5: A Date? Must Move Forward!

Episode 6: A Day At Ryouzanpaku! The Dream On The Roof!

Episode 7: Battle! The Gang Fights Back!

Episode 8: Amazing Muscles! The Sensei's Secret

Episode 9: Apapapa! Apachai's Training

Episode 10: Run Kenichi! A Boxer's Weakness

Episode 11: The Fist of Bestrayal! Takeda's Sad Past

Episode 12: A New Enemy! Tsuji Shinnosuke!

Episode 13: Killer Fighting Techniques! Rules of a Battle!

Episode 14: Training of life and death! And we're also going to mixed bath

Episode 15: Honoka Sneaks In! Ryouzanpaku's Guest

Episode 16: Ryouzanpaku's Biggest Crisis!!?

Episode 17: Protect the Sign! Attack on the Dojo!

Episode 18: Amusement ??? To the Secret Furinji Island!

Episode 19: Ragnarok's Strongest! The Arrival of the Eight Fists!

Episode 20: Takeda in Danger! The Rules of Revenge!

Episode 21: Unforgiveable!! Kenichi's fist of fury!

Episode 22: Meet the Youth! New White Combination formation!

Episode 23: Attack! The Neighboring Ryouzanpaku!

Episode 24: The Stolen Heart! Miu's Juliet!

Episode 25: Protect to the Death Kenichi! Miu's Lips

Episode 26: The Mask Removed! Hermit's Real Identity

Episode 27: Hard vs. Soft! The Siblings Quarrel After the Long Separation

Episode 28: The Assault Commander Joins In! Restaurant Scuffle

Episode 29: What Fear, Seig! Prelude for destruction

Episode 30: The Results of Training! The Effects of Moving Forward in Small Steps!

Episode 31: Honoka, I'll save you

Episode 31: Honoka, I'll save you

Episode 32: Honoka's in Crisis! Loki's Scheme!

Episode 33: Take Him Down, Kenichi! Let Your Fists do the Talking!

Episode 34: Without being defeated! The word to which the person whom it loves leaves

Episode 35: There is no nuisance! Now at the time of conclusion

Episode 36: Miu vs. Renka! The Triangle that Calls up a Storm

Episode 37: Dangerous temptation it is dense together!

Episode 38: Human bullet game of lovely kitten women!

Episode 39: Shigure's Personal Teachings

Episode 40: The Promised Land! Everything Starts from Here

Episode 41: Seikouken's Terror! The Dragon's Dance Descends!

Episode 42: Elder's Special Training Do Or Die Mountain Seclusion

Episode 43: Limiter! An Invitation to Shurado

Episode 44: Shinpaku Alliance Crumbles! The Mad Fist Draws Near

Episode 45: The Determinant Blow! Sakura, Dance!

Episode 46: Farewell!! Shinjima's Resolve

Episode 47: A Genius's Weakness! Effort can Surpass Talent!

Episode 48: Summit Showdown! The Man Who Carries The Spear of Legend

Episode 49: The Strongest Transformation! Rhythmn Ryouzanpaku!

Episode 50: History's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi

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2. Seint (Saint) [Материал]
Соглашусь, кстате, как я слышал 2 сезон выйдет в Апреле. Но это пока только слова.

1. Кирилл (Rigi) [Материал]
Класный мульт!

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